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The Venetian Villas, patrimony of the Unesco and of humanity, are historical residences that reveal the history of Venice and of this beautiful and flourishing Republic. Every villa built, from Palladio to now, has been the guardian of tradition and history, leaving its mark on the Veneto region from the start of the Venetian Republic to this date.

The villas are widespread throughout the countryside to oversee land development and agriculture. Some are open to the public for tours, some have become wine estates, others offer hotel accommodation, many locations are available for any type of event in general. The possibilities to please your needs are many.

Palladio and the Veneto villas are one of the most cultural themes of historical value in the Veneto. Palladio, with his great architectural brilliance, developed a new and inspirational style which was then introduced into the Anglo-Saxon world, one of the more famous being the White House. In the following centuries many historic homes were built along the lines inspired by Palladio, but we must not forget the magnificent walls that encircle our historical towns and the castles built before the era of Palladio.

Planning a successful holiday in the Veneto requires lots of information ,thanks to this application you will be able to:

  • Identify the villas open to the public with timetables and fares, and all useful contacts specified
  • Identify sites of cultural interest, gastronomy or Italian craftsmanship
  • choose the right hotel, restaurants, etc..

Plan your own personal itinerary which will allow you to change along the way!

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