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New edition JUNE 2014
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Venetian Villas

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For your stay in Veneto, thanks to the applications you will::

  • identify the villas open to the public with timetables and fares, and all useful contacts specified
  • identify sites of cultural interest, gastronomy or Italian craftsmanship
  • choose the right hotel, restaurants, etc.
  • plan your own personal itinerary which will allow you to change along the way!

Villa Godi

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Villa Godi Malinverni - Audioguide by

Improve your holiday in the Veneto and download these specific and detailed applications. Let our audioguide accompany you on your journey and listen to the history about these wonderful pearls of architecture (not only the Venetian villas!)

In addition to the Venetian Villas come and discover the other gems that enrich the Veneto region, from Venice, Padua, Verona, Lake Garda and our beautiful beach location, Jesolo in Bibbione... the Veneto offers something to please everyone, it is here that you will find the true tradition of Made in Italy in every handmade product; from the producer to the buyer.

Venetian Villas and Veneto at your fingertips!
Made in Italy, the Venetian craftsmanship ... always at your fingertips!

  • Villa Godi Malinverni, first Palladio's villa is ready!

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